We thrilled Ramsay St!

Congratulations to all the zombies and the amazing crew on a brilliant Thrill the World Melbourne 2014, we really thrilled Ramsay St, Erinsborough! Stay tuned for the official film and photos coming soon. If you have any pics, share them with me so I can compile an album of happy snaps!


This incredible aerial shot was made possible by Tim at Kennards Preston who generously donated a cherry picker and his time to help us film the event from this amazing vantage point. Thanks Tim!  If you need any equipment, Tim’s your man!  (that’s Tim on the right)..

Tim JB

It’s nearly Thrill time!

Only 3 more sleeps until our zombie army brings the most iconic dance of all time to the most iconic street in Australia, Ramsay St!

Tune in to Rafael Epstein on 774 ABC Melbourne this afternoon to hear me talk about this year’s event (545pm).

Don’t forget you can also donate to Lifeline anytime on http://www.lifeline.org.au/

Can’t wait until Sunday! You know it, shamon!

X Anna

Thrill the World Melbourne is generously supported by Anna’s Go-Go Academy, The Victoria Hotel Brunswick, and Kennards Preston.


TTW 2013 at the historic Village Coburg Drive-In for the 30th anniversary of Thriller

Costume inspiration for 2014

Greetings dancers!

Here is the 2014 look book to inspire you for this years theme! Think Neighbours, Aussie, Suburban, 80s, 90s…

X Anna

Classes on now!

It’s not too late to join us for Thriller class! Classes are on Thursdays in October at 8:15pm at The Victoria Hotel Brunswick.

Join Australia’s most famous flash mob as we learn the greatest dance of our time. Classes cost $10, all proceeds go to Lifeline. Help yourselves and others too!

See you on the dance floor!

X Anna


Get ready for Melbourne 2014!

After 4 amazing years, 2014 is going to be our best one yet!

We will be Thrilling Melbourne (and the rest of the world) on Sunday 26th October!

Classes start Thursday October 2nd!

Make sure you are on the mailing list (on the Join Us! page above) so you don’t miss any important information, and stay tuned for the official announcement of this year’s location…I wasn’t sure how we were going to top last year but I’m sure this year will be our best so far.

As always it is an iconic Melbourne location..here is a hint….


Thrill the World Melbourne 2013 – The official film!

Watch the incredible film of our Melbourne tribute to Thriller in beautiful HD.

Hundreds of Melbourne zombies invaded the Village Coburg Drive-In to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Thriller film, and raise funds for charity. You know it, sha-mon!

Cameras by Jonathan Brough, Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith, Olivia Appleby, Monique Beckwith,
& Thomas Donahoe.

Produced by Anna’s Go-Go Academy and the Bureau De Go.